Friday, 30 April 2021

[Europol-X] Feats


Europol-X' system, although it is based on the fifth edition of the OldOne™, is a class-less and level-less system.

Feat based experience

All character improvements are acquired through feats, as do most character features that are usually packed in a class in the d20 system derivations.

You want to have another hit die? There's a feat for that...
You want to have expertise in SNEAK? There's a feat for that...
You want to deal more damage while backstabbing? There's a feat for that...
You want to have psychic powers? There's a feat for that...


I've started writing the feats, and I'm already finished with the proficiency / expertise feats.

I do have others ready and written, but not layouted and illustrated yet, so i'll only show you the 3 first pages of that chapter 😇


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