Wednesday 28 September 2022

[D.R.E.A.D.] Neptoma's map progress

 It has been a very loong while since i've posted any advancement on dread's universe development...

And surprisingly, I have no new text to show, but the progress I've made on a map, the map of the main human city, the lagune city of Neptoma (in the Lacuna Nepis)c.

It's still a work in progress, and there are errors that I will have to correct in post-production (with gimp), but I really like how it's getting somewhere (and how ideas for the setting come from developing the map and naming the places)

Here's the map !

And because i've reworked on it, but it's worth not a new post, i'll give you here the new development:


  1. Looking good. Such fun inventing places!

    1. Thx! The act of creation by cartographying can be quite interesting. Just naming stuff can be a trove of ideas for the background definition