Friday, 17 July 2020

[OSR Sci-Fi Horror] Sample Art

Quick and dirty Art

You might remember that I teased a new OSR project, last week.
The design crew (that's me and a friend) has decided to go for a very OSRish approach, not only concerning the rules, but also the Art which will be included in our next RPG.

I wanted to present you some of the Art I've developped for that game, because i'm kind of very proud of it.

The Setting

The setting will be a planet of horror, settled by a satanic cult who achieved to break some Seals, align the stars, or create an arcane apocalypse (no one really knows, and those who know... don't tell...)


So it's a futuristic setting, with cyberpunk elements (don't think only of chrome, but more of very powerful megacorporations, poluted ecosystems, and galactic misery apart for the top 0,1%), with black magic, and demons. No Angels, no other arcane powers than the dark art.
Yes it will be pretty bleak.
If you think of Doom, right now, yes, that's a major influence (along with Blade Runner, Transhuman SpaceDead Space, and a bunch of others)

The (quick and dirty) Art

I've spent a day developping a method to create Art quickly and used it for the Art you are about to see.
I'll probably make a tutorial out of my method, once the game is out.
The first art took a while, but now I need less than 2 hours for each image (and would take much longer to make it "undirty" - #StillLearning)
You can find those images on ArtStation too, where I also will add newer art pieces, later on (and will not add them into this post)

The firedemon


Wreaking mayhem and playing fire in a plaza? Yes, that's a typical fire demon

The Chainsaw-Massacre-Demon

This is probably gonna be our Cover. This is the first art piece I created.
What noise could have troubles this Demon? I'll wait for your answers in the commentaries

The quick and agile Demon

Most of the life on the planet is settled deep under the earth. These swift jumpers are rarely seen not in packs, and are a bane for travellers.

Demonic Infighting

Demons would not be demons if they were not bickering under themselves. It's always a good thing for the colonist when they steer their anger at each others...

The Patrolling Cyborg

Cyborgs are human brains implanted in a robotic body. There is no reason for anxiety, they are mentally stable and not prone to PTSD or loss of humanity. Never. Not at all. Remember these are the good guys.
And good guys go to bars, don't they?

The sad Cyborg

Why is he sad? He's working in one of the few places over the surface of the planet, at the equator.
Well why do you think he's sad?

That's all for today!
As always, comments are welcome (and I normally publish them quickly - no bots allowed here though...)


  1. Oui, il y a une vraie ambiance, quelque chose de distinctif... très "atmosphérique".

    1. Ca me va droit au coeur, moi qui suis un fan de tes jeux :-)