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DREAD's Mythology (1/5): The Age of Yggdrasil

1st Age: The age of Yggdrasil

Yggdrasil by Oluf Bagge (1847)


The continent of Perfu had a long history of its own, reaching millenaries back before humans stepped on it for the first time.
There probably was a time before the mythical age of Yggdrasil, but it is shrouded in the oblivion of forgottenness


  • Asgardian: The divine beings living in Asgard, also called the gods. They claimed to have created Middellærd, conjointly with the Vanirians
  • Vanirians: The primal elemental beings living in Vanir, the labyrinth leading to the elemental planes
  • Jötunn (plur. Jötnar): the titanic, divine-like beings living in Jötunheimr. They claim to have created Yggdrasil and the whole universe and planes of existence [al least Loki does claim that]


Asgardians and Vanirians created the material world and descended on it, leaving their divine realms.
The Asgardians created the elves, at first out of boredom, but soon thereafter to toy with them in jousts, entertaining themselves with shows of marksmanship, swordsmanship, horsemanship, versemanship, craftsmanship and musicianship.

The Jötunar found their way to Middellærd (the continent named Perfu by humans which saw the birth of the elves) though the Vanbrú (also called the Sturmurbrú - the Stormbridge, literally made of lightning) created by the Vanirians, envious of the toys the Asgardians had created for themselves. The Vanirians tried to enslave the Jötnar but failed. The Vanirians abducted Skathi, the daughter of Thiazi, and tortured her, trying to unlock the secret of using the Vanbrú to reach Jötunheimr.
In the aftermath, the Jötnar abducted the Asgardian goddess Idunn and experimented on her. The young Jötunn Thiazi (the abductor of Idunn) created the Giants combining the elements (captured Vanirian offspring) with the tears of Idunn (hence the different kinds of giants).

The divine war

This abduction (and desecration) of the goddess was the last straw that broke the back of the peaceful relations between the Jötnar and the Gods. Only the Asgardians were directly concerned by the evil act leading to the declaration of war, but Loki tricked his peers into going against all other divine beings, Vanirians and Asgardians. On Middellærd, the Giants and the elves fought a proxy conflict in the name of their respective creators, that will be named "the eternal war" in hindsight.

The trilateral compact

After a millenary long war, Asgardians, Vanirians, and Jötnar realized that there was no way to win this endless battle and negotiated a cease-fire. Loki tricked Asgardians and Vanirians in believing this was a trilateral negotiation, that the interests of Asgardians and Vanirians were completely different, and after long bargaining rounds, a truce was found, but the relations between the Asgardians and Vanirians were forever ruined. The peace compact not only interdicted direct confrontation between divine beings but  also limited their intervention on Middellærd: Each being was allowed only 2 bridge crossings per year.
Only Loki, as the main peace mediator, was allowed 2 crossings per draconic month (one complete transformation of the Dragoness Luna from its full moon form to the next).
The Vanirians were forbidden to use the Vanbrú, but given the right to cross into Middellærd at points were their core element were present in high quantity (not without unforeseen consequences on the material plane), but also limited to twice a year.

Appendix: The 3 main Bridges

  • Bifröst, the rainbow bridge, is garded by Heimdallr, who only let pass the Asgardians. Loki seem to be able to pass the bridge during his sleep, though.
  • Vanbrú (also called the Sturmurbrú), the Stormbridge is literally made of lightning and links Middellærd with Jötunheimr. Old elvish legends claim in lands in the middle of Zibelthiurdos, the land of storms.
  • Gjallarbrú, the bridge to Hel (the plane of dead souls), the bridge over the Gjöll, the river of Hell. Modgud (meaning "Furious Battler") is the female guardian of the Gjallarbrú. Since the arrival of the humans on Perfu, the river is also called Styx and Modgud seem to have adopted a 3-headed dog to help her, but a strange ferryman seem to cross the river under the bridge. Since he doesn't bring back dead souls on his way back to the Middellærd shore, she does not intervene
  • Other bridges exist, but they are even more secret and unknown.

Coming after that age:

  • 2nd Age: The age of Alfheim
  • 3rd Age: The age of Ferlikan
  • 4th Age: The fall of the Giants - Jotnarrøkkr
  • 5th Age: The age of Cornucopia (the actual age. This age will probably be known in the future as "The age of Vileny"

What does a character know about this Age?

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