Monday, 9 September 2019

DREAD's rules: on second thoughts, Level Cap at lvl 9

Change of mind: let’s cap level advancement at level 9

odin's last words to baldr

I really love the roleplaing community on the interwebz.
I miss the days where most of our hobby was united in G+ and the reach of blogs was multiplicated by posts on G+. The G+ comments were directly on the blog, the discussion was alive.
The discussion still exists though, but more in niches.
Out of the discussion concerning the last Blog post I made (DREAD's rules: Level Cap at lvl 8), I came to realize that my first instinct (to cap at level 9 and not 8) was a better idea.
So this post is about taking some part of the last post and retconning to "Hey, I always meant 9" and accepting that i was wrong and letting everyone access the thoughts of some gamers/readers with more rules-wisdom than I have.

Why level-cap-at-lvl-8?

My main idea to cap at lvl8 was to exclude the "circle of teleportation"-spell. The other reasons are still valid at lvl 9.
The save reason is even more valid at level 9, because the main 2 Saves of a character will improve.

Why level 9 then?

Well, to be honest, the main reason is bounded accuracy, its increase to be exact. Reaching +4 accuracy makes it a good "last goodie", but also makes expertise even more relevant.
Barring all casters from level 5 spells just for one spell also felt half-brewed.
Barring players from "Greater Restoration", for example, seems a bit brutal in a setting with powerful monsters with possibly long lasting negative effects from their abilities.

Spells restrictions:

So I went through the lvl5-spell-list and decided to ban 2 spells from my game (officially, at least - no one knows what happens in the secluded glens of the elves or on the peaks inhabited by the remnants of the cloud giants' empire):

  • Circle of teleportation (“Tree stride” seems not too game breaking in comparison - and having elves creating Tree-Jumpways as a kind of secret quick-travel road seems to me like the kind of thing being with centuries of life-span could invest themselves into)
  • Raise Dead (Reincarnate is fun, in my opinion, and finding a lvl 9 druid will be a challenge, if you have no favors left with the elvish courts)

Reincarnate will get a new table, the races listed being not all accessible in this setting

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